Health & Safety

Your child’s health and safety are our top priority. From the time you drop them off to the time you pick them up, we take every measure to protect them while giving them ample freedom to discover new things. Learn more about the specific health, safety, and security features we provide at Alpha-Bet Preschool.

  • A Secure Environment

    A Secure Environment

    • Cameras throughout the interior and the exterior of the building are monitored live from the office.
    • Motion detectors throughout interior hallways.
    • Locked entry with buzzer access.
  • Qualified and Caring Teachers

    Qualified and Caring Teachers

    • All staff and volunteers pass a stringent background check.
    • Teachers are certified in CPR, First Aid and MAT.
    • Free annual screenings for occupational and speech therapy are conducted at school.
  • Parent Partnership

    Parent Partnership

    • As a cooperative preschool, parents have a unique opportunity to volunteer in their children’s classroom and be involved in their children’s education. 
    • Constant two-way communication:
      • Parents are free to speak with teachers and administrators at any time. 
      • Teachers proactively engage with parents about any concerns.
  • Emergency Preparedness

    Emergency Preparedness

    • Fire drills, shelter-in-place drills, lockdown drills, and outdoor drills are performed regularly.
    • Drills are performed in a calm manner.
    • Emergency water and snacks are kept in stock in case of prolonged emergency conditions.
    • Staff carry walkie-talkies in order to stay in communication throughout the school day.