Family Responsibilities

A cooperative preschool is a community. It is an investment of time and attention that creates a uniquely enriching educational and social experience for both children and families. Unlike traditional “drop-off” schools, participating in a cooperative preschool leads to a stronger bond between parent and child and a strong bond among families within the preschool. If your family is new to the area or if you simply want to make new parent friends, the cooperative preschool model offers you that opportunity.

Parent participation is key to keeping the community vibrant and successful. 

Alpha-Bet Preschool requires that all families to:

  • Complete two (2) work days per school year;
  • Attend the Annual Membership Meeting in the Spring;
  • Provide nut-free snacks for your child’s class on a rotating basis;
  • Actively participate in the operation of the school by serving on the Board of Directors OR through completion of an ongoing Parent Job;

For families that decide to co-op in the classroom:

  • Co-op at least 2 days each month working in the classroom as the teacher’s assistant.
    Note: If your family cannot commit to a minimum of 2 co-op days each month this can be discussed with the Director/Board of Directors.