Family Responsibilities

Being in a cooperative preschool will take a little more time and energy than the typical "drop-off" school. We are a preschool that is owned and operated by the parents, so your participation is fundamental. A cooperative preschool lives and breathes with family members participation, and like so many things, you'll get out of your experience at Alpha-Bet Preschool what you put into it.


To simplify, upon enrollment Alpha-Bet Preschool requires that all families, including those who opt out of co-oping in the classroom, to:

  • Complete two (2) work days per school year;


  • Attend an Annual Membership Meeting in the Spring;


  • Provide nut-free (or no trace of nuts) snacks for your child’s class on a rotating basis;


  • Actively participate in the operation of the school by serving on the Board of Directors OR through completion of an ongoing Parent Job;

For families that decide to co-op in the classroom:

  • Co-op at least 2 days each month working in the classroom as the teacher's assistant. If your family cannot commit to a minimum of 2 co-op days each month this can be discussed with the Director/Board of Directors.