Together we inspire tomorrow....
Our Educational Philosophy 



At Alpha Bet Preschool,  we  provide a creative environment for children of preschool age in which they can discover themselves and the world around them through experience. The program exercises the imagination, curiosity, and intelligence of each child through planned play and individual attention. Trained teachers and parents working cooperatively encouraging the children to learn of  skills set forth by the Virginia's

Foundation Blocks of Early Learning. 

Our Mission Statement 

Mission statement: Recognizing that parents are a child's first teachers and that preschool is a formative time of learning and growth for both parents and students,  Alpha-Bet preschool will:

- prepare our students for their future education while fostering a love of learning.

- welcome and anticipate parental participation in their child's preschool education, offering flexible options for involvement both inside and

  outside the classroom.  

- promotes an educational environment where both children and caregivers can learn and encouraging curiosity, collaboration, kindness,  

  cooperation and community.   


Our Programs


Students at Alpha-Bet are taught based on not only their age, but also their developmental level. They are encouraged to express their creativity, raise questions, become leaders and develop friendships. Through the use of classroom centers and other activities, the students have the opportunity to learn science, music, art, problem solving skills, language skills, and more. Field trips and special events such as school picnics and Family Fun Nights are also part our program. Our facilities offer spacious classrooms, a gymnasium, large playground, and a recreational field to facilitate learning in many different settings and through many different modalities.

 Our Curriculum 

Alpha-Bet preschool uses  thematic planned activities based on children's interest and monthly themes. This allows a child to explore their environment and their interest. Flexible activities are planned so that we are able to meet the needs of each individual child. Our biggest goal is to create students who are engaged and excited to learn.